ERP Solutions

BackPower ERP Solution

Our ERP solution is a comprehensive one and covers all the major areas of the business operations of most industries. The modules are highligted:

  • Accounting - Payments
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Fixed Assets Management System
  • Customer Relationship management System
  • Project Management System
  • Procurement Management
  • Facility Management

Accounting Module

The accounting module is the fulcrum of the entire system and it is used to automate invoicing, orders, payments and purchases. It is highly flexible and configurable including enforcing approval workflows to ensure reduction in the use of paper. We will integrate the solution into your core banking system to ensure seamless interaction and also to ensure that there are no breaks in the operational processes. Consider a typical scenario like payment processing. With BackPower Accounting, all payment vouchers will be raised in the system and the associated accounting entries duly passed in the system once the vouchers have gone through the approval process (approvals are also done in the system). The associated cheques can also be printed. Otherwise if it is a bank transfer, it can be done seamlessly. With this the workload involved in payment processing will significantly be reduced and the entire process can be tracked from end to end.

Human Resource Management Module

The human resource management module will track employee engagement and performance right from on-boarding to separation. The system can handle recruitment, employment contracts management, performance management, training and payroll processing. With BackPower HRMS, a prospective employee can upload their resume, update their skills, the entire interview process tracked, the process of human resource requisition and the associated approvals including definitions of the job descriptions for specific roles and reporting structure can all be tracked in the system. This will help generate critical information much needed for analytics that is usually missed about the most critical of all resources - the human resource.

Fixed Asset Management Module

The fixed asset management module will track all physical and non physical assets of the enterprise managing assignments, movements and maintenance of these assets. In the case of vehicles, it is flexible enough to be used as a fleet management system as well. The system handles depreciating seamlessly and the associated accounting entries passed automatically.

Customer Relationship Management Module

The customer relationship module allows sales executives and relationship managers to manage leads, pipelines and opportunities seamlessly through to the customer acquisition stage. They can manage key accounts along with the events associated with those accounts such as call reports and integration with the core banking system is a given. Implementing this module will improve visibility on the activities of sales and relationship management which is the key starting point in driving up the numbers.

Project Management Module

Every enterprise has various projects (be it small or big) going on at any point in time and a lot of these projects fail due to lack of visibility. Lack of visibility is also the cause of major project delays and cost overruns. We aim to curb this by implementing our scrum based project management system. This module will handle project initialization, project resourcing, work breakdown structure and task assignments. There are notifications when project tasks are delaying and the visibility it provides will put project resources and managers on their toes to minimize delays

Procurement Management Module

The procurement management module will help manage your tenders and evaluation process through to the payment stage where the accounting module takes over. Usually, across many organizations, the processes leading to the purchase of various items and services are hidden in memos buried deep in the archives and cannot be readily referenced to enhance the decision making process. BackPower procurement management system will reverse this trend and bring procurement in your organization into high visibility.

Facility Management Module

The facility management system will help manage various facilities such as branches, training centers, warehouses, archival centers, guest houses and so on. The management of these items are usually left in emails or best of it, excel sheets. Sometimes, critical management activities on these items are left undone because of lack of visibility and lack of systems. We are recommending BackPower facility management system to handle all that.